One Month Till Christmas

Hey guys!! Hope your all doing well, sorry I haven't been posting as much as I would have liked but I've just been so busy at work with the new hours I've been given and all the stuff i want to do in my spare time is all just stressing me out so bare with... Continue Reading →

Procrastination and Autumn

Hey guys!!! I hope your all doing amazing this week. I cant believe it's already been a full month since autumn began and it's been amazing, I haven't gone on any long walks like I wanted to but I have taken lots of photos that I would love to share along with ideas for future... Continue Reading →

My Daily Routine

Hey guys!! How are you all doing? Good? Good hehe. So I thought as one of the many posts im doing this month I could talk to you all about my interesting daily routine... well, not interesting more like lazy lol anyway here goes. 1: I wake up from about 8 alarms at about 6am.... Continue Reading →

Another early morning

Hey guys. Hope your all doing well. I said that I would be back and posting more and I plan on delivering on that. I just got into town for work and it starts in about 20 minutes so I decided in good old CannardBlogs fashion to come into Nero and get an iced tea... Continue Reading →

Autumns here!!!

HEY GUYS!!!! I'MMMMM BACKKK!!!! KINDA... AHHHH im so sorry every time i have said this year that ill be posting more i never do and i feel bad. so for autumn ill be taking lots of photos and i now have a good way or getting photos off my camera onto my pc so YAY!!... Continue Reading →

Old shows

Okay Okay yes i haven't posted in like another month and I'm sorry i just get caught up in so much but today i wanted to talk about a show that i think most of us will be familiar with, and that show is Friends. Yes it may be random but i think we can... Continue Reading →


hey guys! I hope your all doing really well. so you may be wondering why I haven't posted in a hot minute and this is because I've been very busy with 1: getting a new pc, 2: streaming with said pc and 3: I started watching game of thrones (I really want to do reviews... Continue Reading →

To sleep or not to sleep

Hey guys. To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question... Well for me its almost always not to sleep. It started in secondary school when I was still being bullied and made fun. I would stay up for hours immersing myself into the magic all worlds of anime, at this point I had... Continue Reading →

Procrastination is a bish

Hey guys. I hope you all doing really well recently I've been trying to do so much in life that it's been so overwhelming, I haven't really done anything that I wanted to. So I've been trying to learn at least 3 skills along with streaming and making asmr video again and these are butterfly... Continue Reading →

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