hey guys! I hope your all doing really well. so you may be wondering why I haven't posted in a hot minute and this is because I've been very busy with 1: getting a new pc, 2: streaming with said pc and 3: I started watching game of thrones (I really want to do reviews... Continue Reading →


I made a mistake

I think i made a mistake tonight. So it's been just over a year since it happened and I've been trying to hold down my feelings, but tonight i thought, if i face this problem it will get better an go away... No... It hasn't it's gotten worse more and more feelings are coming back... Continue Reading →

To sleep or not to sleep

Hey guys. To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question... Well for me its almost always not to sleep. It started in secondary school when I was still being bullied and made fun. I would stay up for hours immersing myself into the magic all worlds of anime, at this point I had... Continue Reading →


It's been just over a year now and and I'm still no closer to knowing how I feel about what happened. It's all just jumbled inside my head and it's almost like I don't know where its starts, I just know when it ended. Most people figure out what happened about a few months after... Continue Reading →

Procrastination is a bish

Hey guys. I hope you all doing really well recently I've been trying to do so much in life that it's been so overwhelming, I haven't really done anything that I wanted to. So I've been trying to learn at least 3 skills along with streaming and making asmr video again and these are butterfly... Continue Reading →


Hey guys!! So, you know when you drinking something and suddenly you get a weird shiver down your spine but it kinda feels relaxing in a way? No, just me? Hehe, I feel like that when it's raining. Honestly, I don't know what bought this on I just love looking out my window like an... Continue Reading →

Getting back into it!

Hey guys!! I hope your all doing great. So, it's been roughly a year and three months that I have been single and if I'm going, to be honest, I really want to try and find someone. Now I know what everyone is going to say, "you have to love yourself before you can love... Continue Reading →

New House/Life update

Hey guys!! Okay so looking at the title you may think that I moved out and got my own place buuut... No sorry to say I haven't yet as I still don't earn enough from the hours I have at work. But yes we have moved and today we should have our internet fitted finally,... Continue Reading →

Friends an long walks

Hey guys!! Have you ever thought to yourself, why do you have friends, Why do you talk to your friends, Why do you talk to people who once were strangers where you didn't even know each other existed?. I myself haven't fully figured it out I'm yet, but i sure as hell am happy with... Continue Reading →

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