Autumns almost here!!

HEY GUYS!! Hope your all having a great month so far despite COVID. Something really exciting is happening... yes that’s right it’s two more days till autumn officially starts in the uk and I’m so hyped about the season with already seeing conkers on the floor and the leaves changing to their burning colours of... Continue Reading →

Old memories screaming out!

I dream and i see their faces in my mind, trying to break free. the faces of people i once knew, the faces of people i was once close too. i was betrayed yet i want to forgive, yet im still angry. i wish i could go back. sitting here typing this im on the... Continue Reading →

Things I miss during LOCKDOWN!

Hey guys!! I hope your all doing amazing I said that I’d try and blog more during lockdown and I’m happy to say I’m keeping my word this time. Before I begin I want to ask you guys what you’ve been missing during lockdown wherever your from? So comment down below with either you most... Continue Reading →

All of us vs Covid

Hey guys!!! I hope you liked my last post on my top 5 pet peeves, leave a comment on what you thought of it and what you would like me to post about in the future. So as everyone is aware we have been at the mercy of a virus known as Covid-19 or the... Continue Reading →

Staying Healthy in Quarantine!

Hey guys!! Hope your all staying safe during lockdown in the uk or where ever you live. So one thing I know everyone is having an issue with is staying active and healthy. I’m going to be honest I was less healthy before quarantine because I knew I had to go to work everyday but... Continue Reading →

New year, New me in 2020

HEY GUYS AHHHHGHH!!! I'm soooooo sorry for not posting, im really sad because everytime i say im going to start blogging more life stuff comes up and i can't write anything. But this is different, i won't be giving out a promises here im just going to say that when i have time i will... Continue Reading →

One Month Till Christmas

Hey guys!! Hope your all doing well, sorry I haven't been posting as much as I would have liked but I've just been so busy at work with the new hours I've been given and all the stuff i want to do in my spare time is all just stressing me out so bare with... Continue Reading →

Procrastination and Autumn

Hey guys!!! I hope your all doing amazing this week. I cant believe it's already been a full month since autumn began and it's been amazing, I haven't gone on any long walks like I wanted to but I have taken lots of photos that I would love to share along with ideas for future... Continue Reading →

My Daily Routine

Hey guys!! How are you all doing? Good? Good hehe. So I thought as one of the many posts im doing this month I could talk to you all about my interesting daily routine... well, not interesting more like lazy lol anyway here goes. 1: I wake up from about 8 alarms at about 6am.... Continue Reading →

Another early morning

Hey guys. Hope your all doing well. I said that I would be back and posting more and I plan on delivering on that. I just got into town for work and it starts in about 20 minutes so I decided in good old CannardBlogs fashion to come into Nero and get an iced tea... Continue Reading →

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